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Did you ever wonder how super affiliates manage to win those big affiliate contests time and time again? It seems like you see the same names on the leader-boards every time.


You might think it’s impossible to compete with those big names, but the truth is, absolutely anyone has the potential to win those big bonuses. You don’t even necessarily need your own list when you get started. (Although it certainly helps.)


If you’ve ever wondered how those super affiliates do it, you’re about to learn. No, it’s not necessarily about the size of the list. Even those with smaller lists, or those who have other sources of traffic, have a great shot at. It’s not just about the size of the audience, but how you use it!


In this guide, you’re going to learn how to take your affiliate promotions the extra mile, to really skyrocket your commissions and give you a chance to win those huge prizes you’ve been salivating over for so long. No more dreaming. It’s time to start winning! Let’s get started.


Promote the Right Products


A lot of affiliates make the mistake of promoting every launch that comes along, or they’ll promote a product simply because it pays a huge commission. While that’s understandable, it’s not going to get you to the top of the affiliate leader-boards unless you just happen to hit it right.


See, you have your traffic source. It might be your list. It might be your blog, or your website, or social media. But your traffic source is unique. No single email list, no single blog, no single traffic source of any kind, is exactly like another. Your traffic follows you for a reason.


Let’s say you have a list you built selling products about self-publishing. There’s a huge new release coming up for an SEO product for bloggers. It pays a huge commission. You’ll get rich, right? Not necessarily.


Some of your users won’t be interested at all. They only use self-publishing to make money, and aren’t at all interested in SEO.


Others might be slightly curious, or maybe even fairly excited about the hype for this product, but they see the price and balk. Or maybe the sales page just doesn’t do it for them.


Others may be interested, and may even buy. But those people probably won’t be enough to help you win that affiliate contest.


It’s a lot more important to promote products that are a good fit for your traffic source than it is to chase those huge commissions. That’s not to say a product that isn’t tightly related to your main niche can’t do well, because it’s certainly possible if the creator has done a good job with the marketing. But generally it’s better to pick and choose only the best products that are most likely to fit with your audience.


Affiliate Contest Secrets Includes:


  1. High Quality Ebook (22 pages)
  2. Landing Page Plus Lead Magnet
  3. Ready-Made Salesletter & Thank You Page
  4. Awesome graphics
  5. Promotional kit with email  swipes



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