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Product includes:


1. High Quality Ebook (54 pages)

2. Printable Checklist

3. Resource Cheat Sheet

4: Mindmap

5: Ready-Made Salesletter & Thank You Page

6: Lead Magnet & Opt-in Page

7: High-Quality Professional Graphics

8: 10 x Quality Articles

9: Promotional Email Swipes

10: Social Media Viral Images Pack




Module 1 – Results-Oriented Video Training

Module 2 – Upsell Page

Module 3 – 7 Day Autoresponder Series

Module 4 – Special Report

Module 5 – Affiliates Toolbox Page

Module 6 – Social Media Swipe Kit

Module 7 – Top Forums & Blogs

Module 8 – High Converting Keywords

Module 9 – Awesome Presentations

Module 10 – Feature Images

What you’ll discover in this eBook:


  • What is a brand and what aspects make a brand?
  • How to come up with a mission statement, create company values and putting it all together.
  • How to choose a company or website name.
    • What makes a good logo? We’ll take a look at some of the top brand names and show you exactly what makes them stand out.
    • How to come up with a concept for your logo. From idea to creation.
    • Creating your logo. Should you create it yourself or get it designed professionally?
    • Protecting your trademark and how to go about doing it.
    • Using your logo in your marketing and being everywhere. This part will show you how to expose your brand to the market.
    • Creating a personal brand. Are you an individual who wants to build a reputation and become a leader in your field? Read this section.
    • How to build trust in the marketplace.
    • How to increase brand loyalty.
    • How to market your brand. Once you have all the pieces together, it’s time to market your brand. You’ll find a few top ways to do it.
  • How to manage your brand and reputation.
  • …and much, much more!


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