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Hack #1: Fortune Favors The Brave!



One of the biggest mistakes I’ve learned after all these years of failing at email marketing is the fact that… I didn’t actually sell enough to my list. In other words, I was afraid to sell to them.


I didn’t want to come off as someone that just only spam my email list with affiliate offers from all over the place. I wanted to be the nice guy and build a good relationship, giving out free offers and tips almost all of the time.


With all of the focus on building a good relationship and giving away free tips, I never really tried hard enough to send out affiliate offers.  Therefore, my list hardly made me any money. Then soon after, I would mail less and less, and finally just give up on my email list.


So here’s the main idea I want you to understand from my Hack #1 – Be Brave. The sole purpose of building an email list is to make money from your list. If you want to make money from your list, then you got to be brave and send out those promo emails. And you got to send out a LOT of promo emails to make you the big money!


I try to send out 5+ promo emails before sending out free tips or a free report of some sort. You want to spend most of your time and effort on crafting good promo emails to make you money rather than creating free reports all of the time to give out to your list at no charge.


I send out emails every 1-2 days. I want my list to be familiar with me. You do not want to mail once a week or once every few days, you will soon be forgotten to your subscribers this way.


You’re probably wondering… wouldn’t sending out too many promo emails cause the unsubscribe rate to go up?… Well of course, if you spam the heck out of your list with crappy irrelevant products all of the time, then you will lose a lot of subscribers.


But, if you promote relevant quality products to your list, they would actually be okay with it. Just trust me on this! Unsubscribe rate is just a part of email marketing.


My idea of promoting an offer to my list is that I am simply recommending something that can be useful to them. I don’t use the word “buy” or try to sound to aggressive in getting people to buy the product.


I simply recommend by saying something like this, “Hey, I came across ABC, it’s a brilliant way to XYZ, if you are interested, learn more here…”.


Below is a copy of one of my promo emails, this particular promotion made me a whopping $500+ in affiliate commission.


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