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Introduction – You’re Not Alone



Welcome to “From Flab To Fab”.


Before we even get started, there are a few important things that need to be stated. Losing weight is a mind game. If you change your mind, you’ll change your body. It’s inevitable.


When we say “change your mind”, it doesn’t mean changing your mind from eating cookies to gobbling cake.


What we’re talking about here is the mindset behind all weight loss. It doesn’t matter what your age or sex is… the principles are the same.


First, you need to stop hating your body. Way too many women have negative images of themselves. They feel that they’re fat and ugly while all the other women are better.


You may have coveted the ‘thigh gap’ but can’t even find clothes your size at The Gap.


“Why can’t I look like her?”“It sucks being me!”“I have horrible fatty genes!”


These are just some of the ways women beat themselves up. Here’s the truth…You need to love yourself for what you are… flab, rolls, cellulite and all.


You need to start this weight loss journey from a place of self-love.


If you don’t change this mindset, even when you lose the weight, you will still have negative self-image issues. You will never be good enough for you.


Accept yourself… and from there you can improve. This is a journey and not an overnight miracle.


Look in the mirror. That’s your competition. Not anyone else.


You also need to understand that you CAN lose weight. By assuming that you have ‘fat genes’ or that it’s more difficult for you to lose weight, you make it a self-fulfilling prophecy.


There will be times when you slip up. This is inevitable and par for the course. When pursuing any worthy goal, the journey is never linear.


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