How To Create eCommerce Site With WordPress


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Introducing The WP Online Store Training Course


Inside this 11 video course you will get detailed training on everything it takes to launch a successful ecommerce store online! Here is a taste of what you will find in each video:


Video 1: Introduction Start Your Own Ecommerce Store Training


Gain a solid grasp on how ecommerce works so you can start moving in the right direction.


Videos 2: Choosing Your NicheĀ 


This is the key component to launching a successful ecommerce store. If you are selling in the wrong niche your sales will tank! This video helps you select the right markets for yourself.


Video 3: Finding Suppliers & Sourcing Products To Sell


Before you can even start to build your website up you need to target a few suppliers in your space. In this video you will learn more about finding drop ship suppliers, working agreeements with them, how to approach potential suppliers, and more!


Video 4: Start Your Store Correctly


This course will make sure your store is ready to go!


Video 5: Install WordPress & WooCommerce


Leave this video with an understanding of how to install the two main technoligies that make this all work! Follow this step-by-step instruction for huge profits.


Video 6: Configure WooCommerce Settings


Get your WooCommerce settings just right so you can maximize your potential.


Video 7: What WooCommerce Offers


Here is more information on what WooCommerce has to offer you, and your online store.


Video 8: Adding Products To Your Store


Learn step-by-step how to add products to your store including the all important categorization of your content.


Video 9: Pricing Your Products Correctly


This video will explain how to price your products correctly so you can remain profitable and competitive.


Video 10: Top Ecommerce Traffic Strategies


Learn some of the best ecommerce traffic methods, and how to make them work for your online store.


Video 11: Selling Your Website


When the time is right to sell your new ecommerce asset this video will take you through that process from start to finish.


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