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Grab a Copy of Hypertrophy Manual MRR eBook and Discover The Secrets To Muscle Growth, Supreme Strength And Maintaining a Healthy Diet! In This Course, You’ll Find Out How To Build Muscle More Effectively!


What you’ll discover in Hypertrophy Manual:

  • The difference between fast and slow twitch muscle fiber
  • The difference between ‘sarcoplasmic’ and ‘myofibrillar’ hypertrophy
  • How to combine different types of training to experience ‘athletic aesthetics’
  • Why both compound AND isolation movements are perfectly valid
  • How to train faster for better results
  • How to use the Joe Weider intensity principles
  • How to see growth even as a ‘hard gainer’
  • How to become incredibly lean and ripped, even as an endomorph
  • How to work out your ‘training philosophy’
  • How to choose a fitness movement that works for you
  • …and much, much more!


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