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Here is What You Will Discover in Joint Venture Magnet MRR Videos:


Video #1 – Introduction


What are Joint Ventures? What are the different types of Joint Ventures? Introduction and Quick Overview and Mindset. Joint ventures should always be a win-win situation in which partnerships are created with two or sometimes more reputable businesspeople. In this video, you’ll learn the basics of Joint Ventures and the different types that are available.


Video #2 – What to DO and AVOID Doing


Before you approach JV partners, you should think about this one. I can’t tell you how many people do it wrong and just shine a negative light on themselves for years to come. Many JV partners have groups of people they hang out with. If you do it right, their group will want to promote for you, especially if one person has a profitable experience. Do it wrong and you may as well say goodbye forever.


Video #3 –  Spot Successful JV Partners


Want to learn the formula for how to spot a successful JV partner? In this video, we will talk about different methods you can use to manually find Joint Venture Partners whether you use Google, Niche Networks, Forums, Bloggers, etc.


Video #4 – What to Do Beforehand


Before you approach JV partners, you should know what to do. People often ignore these rules and it’s one of the many reasons why JV partners say NO. So, listen carefully as we dive into what type of intelligence research you should do first.


Video #5 – Things You MUST Have


The goal is to look prepared. Do you want to stand out? Looking unprepared will just make you look like everyone else. We’ll discuss this in this video.


Video #6 – Preparing Your Successful JV Proposal


Gathering all the information before you write your JV Proposal is very important, because you want to do some quick research on your future JV partner such as what they provide. By doing it right, you begin to establish a relationship with them.


Video #7 – Writing Your JV Proposal


Now that you have the data you need to write the JV proposal; you can take what you learned about the possible JV partner and customize it fully. By customizing it and making it more personal you increase your JV acceptance rate. Once you have set up your first letter, the rest will be a breeze, so in this video you’ll learn how to piece everything together to write the email.


Video #8 – How to Close Deals


Closing the deals can sound scary, but in this video you will learn exactly what JV partners look for, and why most super affiliates won’t budge.


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