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Power Gallery 3D

  • Power Gallery 3D Super Kit is a fully responsive package that comes fully equipped with a new mind blowing 3D Slider, a fully responsive WordPress theme and some awesome bonuses!
  • This package is for anyone who uses WordPress for their personal blogs or business websites…

What makes this gallery different than any of the other gallery that is out on the market?

  • Matrix Gallery responsive 3D Slider is a new plugin for WordPress which allows you to create sliders, galleries, presentations, infographics and anything you can imagine. Compatible with all major browsers and devices and is fully responsive.
  • This plugin is optimized to load content sequentially and significantly cuts the charging time. With Matrix Slider you can create sliders with several scenes where you can insert images, text and videos of YouTube. You can animate all this content through visual management and include 3D animations using CSS and JQuery.
  • Talk about impressing visitors!

What type of WordPress themes comes with Power Gallery 3D Super Kit?

  • Included in this package is an amazing 3 column responsive theme that is mobile-friendly with a customizable background along with widget areas and menus that can be customized as well.

What  is Included with Power Gallery 3D Super Kit?

  • Matrix Gallery 3d WordPress Plugin
  • 2 Dominate WordPress Themes (One includes Ember Plugin)
  • Bonus Embers JQuery Plugin
  • Executive Progress Bar Bonus WordPress Plugin

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