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Chapter 1: How to Get Traffic from Social Media


If you’re looking to increase your number of regular visitors then social media is one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal. There are many things that make social media so useful for increasing traffic. The first of course is that any social media platform will instantly provide a large captive audience – Facebook has more users than most countries have residents for instance.


What’s more important still though, is the way that social media sites leverage social networks in order to allow content to spread and even go viral. If you share something on Facebook or Twitter for instance, there is a ton of ways that your followers, fans and friends can share it with their extended network.


Finally, social media is powerful because it allows for communication. This means you don’t just share the content you want people to see – you can comment on it and add context and discussion to drive even more attention there.


So how do you take advantage of all these benefits of social media and get your account to start growing?


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