WordPress Fast Track V 2.0 Complete Sales Funnel


Grab a Copy of WordPress Fast Track V 2.0 And Discover How To Become A WordPress Site Building Expert In Just One Hour… Starting Right Now!

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Grab a Copy of WordPress Fast Track V 2.0 And Discover How To Become A WordPress Site Building Expert In Just One Hour… Starting Right Now!


With the ‘WordPress Fast Track 2.0’ video series, I’m going to walk you through  the various aspects of using WordPress starting with just minutes from now.


15 Step-by-Step Videos To Get Your First WordPress Site Up And Running In Minutes!


Video 1: Domain-Name-And-Hosting

Video 2: Cpanel Installation

Video 3: First Time Logging-In

Video 4: Your WordPress Profile

Video 5: Settings Menu-General And Writing Tabs

Video 6: Settings Reading-Media Discussion Tabs

Video 7: Settings Permalinks Plugins

Video 8: Media Tab

Video 9: Creating Posts With- WordPress

Video 10: Creating Pages

Video 11: Themes

Video 12: Plugins

Video 13: Menus

Video 14: Comments and Interaction

Video 15: Paid-Solutions


 Advanced WordPress Fast Track V 2.0 Videos:


Video 1: Introduction WordPress Membership Upgrade

Video 2: Download The S2 Member Plugin

Video 3: Install-The S2 Member-Plugin

Video 4: Initial Set Up Of S2 Member Overview

Video 5: Configuring Membership Options And Settings

Video 6: Login Settings Sidebar Plugin

Video 7: b-User Management Restriction Options

Video 8: Set-Up-JVZoo-Step-One

Video 9: Creating The JVZoo S2 Member Integration

Video 10: Creating Download Links And Protecting Them

Video 11: Creating A Drip Content Workaround For The Free Version Of S2 Member

Video 12: Troubleshooting E-Mail Sending

Video 13: WordPress Add-Ons

Video 14: Customer Flow Finalizing

Video 15: Your WordPress Theme

Video 16: Testing Your JVZoo Membership

Video 17: Conclusion


Product Details:

Module 1 – Result-Oriented Video Training
Module 2 – Sales Letter and Mobile Friendly Website
Module 3 – Thank You Page
Module 4 – `WOW’ Graphic Designs
Module 5 – Customer Support System and Legal Pages
Module 6 – Stunning `Lead Grabbing’ Page
Module 7 – Credibility Boosting Email Series
Module 8 – Sales Video Promo
Module 9 – High Quality Audio Training

Advanced Video Course:

Module 1 – Advanced Strategies Videos
Module 2 – High Quality MP3 Audio Training
Module 3  – Upsell Sales Letter
Module 4 – Sales Video
Module 5 – Thank You Page
Module 6 – Stunning Upsell Graphic Designs
Module 7 – High Converting Banner Ads
Module 8 – Instant Affiliate Promotion Center
Module 9 – Hard-Sell Affiliate Solo Emails
Module 10 – Traffic Generating Articles
Module 11 – Bonuses


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